The World From My Front Porch
The Mennonites
The Dark Years
Cowboys & Indians
No Man’s Land
Blood in the Soil
The World From My Front Porch is a tribute to the art of rural story telling. The CD of 10 songs by Towell includes River Song, written while living on a homemade raft, Chicken Liver Blues, penned in the Gaza Strip during an Israeli air invasion, and The Leica Camera Song, homage to Oskar Barnack, inventor of the 35 mm. Leica. Larry is accompanied by Mike Stevens, harmonica; Jeff Bird, mandolin; Anne Lindsay, fiddle; Gwen Swick, harmony vocals; and the crickets recorded from his front porch. Each CD is individually packaged with one of 96 different colored crayons in case you have children on a long car ride. Songs recorded and mixed by Scott Merritt.
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This is a stereo representation of the original four channel surround soundtrack created for the exhibition NO MAN’S LAND launched in 2005 at the Fondacion Henri Cartier-Bresson in Paris, France. The audio was assembled from field recordings collected by Towell in the Occupied West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, and contains the  sound and ambience of war, prayer, conflict, and singing. Each CD is a unique painting framed in a jewel case.
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This  2 CD set of poems, written and narrated by Larry Towell, is accompanied by musicians Jeff Bird, Mike Stevens, Gwen Swick and Lois Cherry. Writings are drawn from Towell’s diary notes in Central America and Palestine. Each CD contains a signed and editioned fold-out poster.
Limited edition book + print + cdThe Limited Edition of 50 includes a signed book, 8″ x 10″ signed collector's print and Audio CD. To view a slideshow of excerpts from The Mennonites book with two poems from The Mennonites CD.. Limited edition cd + collectors printA beautiful 4 1/2″ x 5″ limited edition collector’s print with sound track – Each print is signed, dated, and titled with portfolio stamp au verso, framed in the CD case. About the projectOriginating in Europe in the sixteenth century, the Mennonites are a Protestant religious sect, related to the Amish. Rather than compromise their way of life, they have continually been forced to migrate around the world to maintain their freedom to live as they choose. The greatest numbers are now found in Mexico, and many live or regularly migrate to work in rural Canada. Larry Towell first encountered the Mennonites near his home in Ontario, Canada, and through his friendship with them he has gained unique access to their communities. Towell has been photographing Mennonites in Canada and Mexico for over ten years, and this collection, “The Mennonites”, creates a unique and intimate portrait of an often-misunderstood people. In addition to his images, Towell's own texts tell in poignant and descriptive detail his experiences with the Mennonite communities: the harshness and poverty of their rural existence, the disciplines and contradictions of their religion, their hunger for land and work, and the constant struggle to keep the modern world at bay. The soundtrack is composed of book excerpts read by Larry Towell mixed with field recordings from the Mennonite colonies of Mexico and accompanied by Canadian musicians, Jeff Bird, Gwen Swick, Lois Cherry, Jaro Cerwinec and Witold Grabowiecki.
Larry’s Towell’s “Cowboys & Indians” Calendar is a 13-month calendar lavishly illustrated with photographs drawn from an independent Magnum-funded project – part of its Looking For America series — shot by the renowned photographer on America’s Great Plains in August 2012. For this calendar, Larry incorporated this iconic work into a one-of-a-kind cultural artifact that reflects the past and present of the great American frontier. Drawing in part from Larry’s own rural background, his calendar has been designed with the classic, Americana feel of a giveaway calendar from a ramshackle small-town general store – Larry’s General Store. Larry’s General Store’s Cowboys and Indians calendar, at turns whimsical and deeply moving, is designed around sixteen diptych images Larry created specifically for it. Each of these images juxtapose black-and-white analog panoramas work with color digital work, all of which was drawn from this project. The occasions commemorated on the calendar pages reflect the themes of Towell’s work, as well as his wit, which is why key dates in Palestinian and native American and cowboy history appear near believe-it-or-not holidays like National Handshake Day, alongside quotes from the likes of county music pioneer Jimmie Rodgers and Sitting Bull. As a special bonus, the calendar also includes Larry’s “Rhythms of the Range” CD, an evocative 32-minute sound collage composed entirely from found sounds and field recordings collected on this road trip. The calendar also includes a select listing of rodeos and powwows in 2013, as well as a more somber annotation of key battles in the “Indian Wars” of the 19th Century.
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Larry Towell's Blood in the Soil is a folk record that is clearly the product of an image maker. It's not just that the album feels informed by Towell's experiences photographing in war zones, his home country and his backyard, but that each track subtly creates vivid visuals, conjuring up a context freighted with as much story and emotion as a great image.  This is the fifth album from the Magnum Photos veteran, who has won over 35 international awards, photographed for numerous publications, including the New York Times, LIFE and Rolling Stone, and has had his work displayed in exhibitions across the North America and Europe.  The thematic focus of Towell's photography can be traced throughout his music -- he has documented stories as brutal as the Nicaraguan Contra war, the disappeared of Guatemala, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the war in Afghanistan, but also stories as tender as the growth of his family and quotidian life on his Ontario farm.  Accompanying Blood in the Soil is a DVD containing Towell images interspersed with footage from a live performance with The Henry's at the Drake Hotel in Toronto. The whole package -- DVD and CD -- presents Larry Towell as an artist of several mediums, with the lines often blurring between music, photography, poetry and performance. 
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