Cowboys & Indians
House on Ninth Street
The Cardboard House
El salvador
The Prison Poems of Ho Chi Minh
Then Palestine
Somoza’s Last Stand
In the Wake of Katrina
No Man’s Land
The Mennonites
The World From My Front Porch
Read more about the project and buy the calendar
Read more about the project and buy the book
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An early book of testimonies by Towell on the effects of the terrorist US- funded contra war on Nicaragua in the 1980’s.  Forward by David MacMichael, ex-senior estimates officer with the National Intelligence Agency of the CIA. OUT OF PRINT. Signed.
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In 1990, Towell accompanied a group of US ex-Vietnam vets to Yen Vien, near Hanoi, who went to re-bulid a health clinic destroyed in 1972 by US bombing. Includes Ho Chi Minh’s prison poems. OUT OF PRINT. Signed.
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A series of interviews and photos by Towell with relatives of the “disappeared” in Guatemala in the 1980s. Includes photos and interview with Clyde Snow, forensic anthropologist.   OUT OF PRINT. Signed.
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Cowboys & Indians Calendar Larry’s Towell’s “Cowboys & Indians” Calendar is a 13-month calendar lavishly illustrated with photographs drawn from an independent Magnum-funded project – part of its Looking For America series — shot by the renowned photographer on America’s Great Plains in August 2012. For this calendar, Larry incorporated this iconic work into a one-of-a-kind cultural artifact that reflects the past and present of the great American frontier. Drawing in part from Larry’s own rural background, his calendar has been designed with the classic, Americana feel of a giveaway calendar from a ramshackle small-town general store – Larry’s General Store. Larry’s General Store’s Cowboys and Indians calendar, at turns whimsical and deeply moving, is designed around sixteen diptych images Larry created specifically for it. Each of these images juxtapose black-and-white analog panoramas work with color digital work, all of which was drawn from this project. The occasions commemorated on the calendar pages reflect the themes of Towell’s work, as well as his wit, which is why key dates in Palestinian and native American and cowboy history appear near believe-it-or-not holidays like National Handshake Day, alongside quotes from the likes of county music pioneer Jimmie Rodgers and Sitting Bull. As a special bonus, the calendar also includes Larry’s “Rhythms of the Range” CD, an evocative 32-minute sound collage composed entirely from found sounds and field recordings collected on this road trip. The calendar also includes a select listing of rodeos and powwows in 2013, as well as a more somber annotation of key battles in the “Indian Wars” of the 19th Century.
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The World From My Front Porch Selected from twenty years of photographs by award-winning Magnum member Larry Towell, “The World From My Front Porch” is a collection from his domestic family life in rural Ontario. A photo-essay at the heart of the book, separated from albums, narrative  and found objects, explores both the history of Towell’s front porch and his journeys into the war zones of the world. Themes of land and landlessness are woven together in an extensive autobiographical essay. The book is dramatically designed in the manner of an Edwardian album and accompanies a retrospective exhibition touring the United States and Canada. Signed by Larry Towell
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The Cardboard House Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) is an international humanitarian organization, committed to providing medical assistance to populations in danger and to raising awareness of the plight of the people they help. Today MSF is active in more than 60 countries in the world. MSF has been working in Peru since 1985. In Peru, the prevalence of HIV/AIDS is low, but highest amongst the most neglected members of society there, mainly homosexual sex between men and commercial sex workers. Since 2004, MSF has offered HIV/AIDS care in the slum of Villa El Salvador, Lima. In Lima, MSF has been working in Lurigancho, one of the most populated prisons of Latin America. In this prison the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS is 5 to 7 times higher than in the rest of the country. At the end of 2007 MSF handed over all Peruvian projects to local authorities, leaving the country after almost 25 years. Larry Towell (Magnum Photos) was commissioned by MSF to travel to the prison and the slums in Lima to photograph the result of MSF’s 25-year presence, and show that the area is now ready to continue its fight against HIV and AIDS on its own. Most of these pictures were taken in the week and a half culminating on International AIDS Day, 2007. Towell brings us black and white images of people shunned by society and desperate through poverty, their situation exacerbated through the endemic HIV and AIDS in their already marginalised population. MSF has targeted their cause specifically since the mid 1990s. This book is a celebration of their work and the people whose existence they have helped. Limited Copies, Signed.
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No Man’s Land (regular & limited edition) The scarred and battered “No Man’s Land” of Palestine reveals a landscape divided by physical and psychological barriers. Photographed over a period of ten years with the support of the prestigious Henri Cartier-Bresson Award, Towell’s most politically piercing body of work remains a landmark in photographic art and journalism. In his postscript, Towell speaks clearly for the dispossessed: “Today, the little that remains of Palestinian land has been cut to ribbons by a military infrastructure of settlement roads, checkpoints, watch-towers, security gates, walls and weapons, guaranteeing Israel’s ultimate control and extending it to satellite settlements, the purpose of which is clearly expansionist. By granting Israel enough political immunity to flout international law, the U.S. has helped turn it into a pariah, condemned by the world community.” He illustrates through black and white photographs, including epic panoramas, the sad, haunting, and breathtaking beauty of a land divided against itself.  Includes a foreword by Robert Delpire. Limited edition:Signed and numbered artist’s book in an edition of 75. In cloth covered box. Includes a fine art print. 
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Then Palestine “Then Palestine” is a rich collection from Larry Towell’s first seven trips to Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem between 1993-1997. At the height of the first intifada, Towell trained his lens on Israel’s displaced Arab populations living under occupation. Humiliation, disorder, alienation and death become the norms of life and his photography, alongside the poetry of Mahmoud Darwish, tells the story of a divided and dispossessed world. Afterward by Rene Bachmann.
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El Salvador Larry Towell’s photographs of El Salvador, at once powerful and compassionate, reveal a country of violence and heartbreak, as well as beauty and death. Towell first traveled to El Salvador in 1986 as a member of a human rights delegation. Since the beginning of the civil war in 1979, 50,000 persons had been killed, 25 percent of the population had become refugees, and death squads continued to terrorize the cities and countryside. The war ended in the early 1990s, but not without repercussions. In his haunting photographs, we see a world in which everyone is a combatant and every place a war zone. Yet amid the brutality and death there is a harsh beauty – people grieve and move on, peasant women wash clothes and nurse infants under the eyes of soldiers, and children forage dumpsites for food. Towell thoroughly documented both the war and its aftermath. “El Salvador” represents an honest and intimate portrait of a country and its people. OUT OF PRINT. Signed.
The Mennonites Originating in 16th century Germany and persecuted for their faith, the Mennonites migrated around the globe. Today, the greatest numbers of the Old Colony sect, on which this work is based, live in Mexico and migrate, for economic survival,  to the vegetable fields of Canada. Larry first encountered this  displaced farming community near his home in rural Ontario, and through intimate access gained over ten years, created a unique portrait of an often-misunderstood people in one of the most beautiful and award winning photography books of the decade. In addition to images, Towell’s personal and poetic text records the harshness and poverty, as well as the disciplines and contradictions of a traditional community struggling to keep the modern world at bay. Book design based on slip-case Mennonite hymnal. Signed by the author.
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In the Wake of Katrina Between September 3 – 11, 2005, photographer Larry Towell, accompanied by Southern novelist Ace Atkins, traveled the coast of Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi, documenting the dramatic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Towell’s are not loud news pictures, but haunting and poetic landscapes, many of them, epic panoramas that depict the lives of ordinary people amidst the devastation. It is an intimate record of the hurricane’s impact and a tribute to human endurance. For his afterword, Ace Atkins revisits the scenes of Towell’s photographs nine months later to reflect on how the communities have or have not been able to rebuild their lives. Signed by the author.